Paleo White-Chocolate Granola Bar

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Paleo White-Chocolate Granola Bar

The granola I made the other day is not only a perfect breakfast but it may also serve as the basic ingredient of a quick and delicious low carb dessert for unexpected guests. It may be awkward to serve them a bowl of muesli soaked in milk but if you have some chocolate in your hidden stash, you are already … Read More

Paleo No-Bake Salted Caramel Cups

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No-Bake Salted Caramel Cups

I’ve found this recipe in one of my favorite food blogs and it looked so cool on the photo that I couldn’t resist not making it. I didn’t want to use oat flakes or any other kind of grains so I decided to use seeds as substitute. Then I remembered the granola I made the other day and that I … Read More

The 50 Best Paleo Recipes Inspired by Mexican Cuisine

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Oven Baked Zucchini Chips

Mexican classics like tacos and burritos are a fantastic comfort food, but sadly, common ingredients like cheese, beans, and corn are not part of a paleo diet. Fortunately, you don’t need to give up all of your favorite Mexican foods just because you have switched to the paleo diet. The focus on fresh ingredients and complex herbal seasonings in Mexican … Read More

50 Amazing Paleo Inspired Ice Cream Recipes to Die For

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Paleo "Pb&J" Muffins

Does your diet have you searching for Paleo ice cream recipes to soothe your craving for a nice cold treat? Ice cream is a dessert that is always in the kitchen, but when you have to use Paleo friendly choices to create an exciting and easy recipe to enjoy, it is more than just purchasing ice cream from the store. … Read More

50 Shades of Paleo: Easy And Delicious Cracker Recipes

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Asiago Bisque

Our primitive ancestors may have been onto something with their hunter-gatherer culinary practices, and the Paleo diet has lately been making headlines in support of this revelation. From savory dishes to Paleo crackers, the Paleo recipe roster has found a well-earned place in the push for a healthier, happier palette. 50 Paleo Crackers To Snack On Often called the Caveman … Read More

50 Paleo Beef Recipes The Whole Family Will Love

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Paleo Beef Recipes

When you are on “the caveman diet,” paleo beef recipes are some of the tastiest, most nutritious options you can cook. Beef is full of protein to give you lots of energy to take on whatever life throws at you. It also goes well with tons of different flavors, so it is super versatile. If you buy lean cuts and … Read More

Low-Carb Salted Caramel Cheesecake Cups


Low-Carb Salted Caramel Cheesecake

Cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts: I love it for not being too sweet and also for its smooth texture. The other thing I am crazy about is salted caramel, especially if I can eat it without any guilt. One of my greatest discoveries a few years back was that it is possible to make sugar-free caramel sauce, so … Read More

Paleo Crock Pot Granola Recipe

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Paleo Crock Pot Granola

There are two kinds of people: those who have breakfast and those who don’t. Thinking along the same line: there are those who prefer salty things for breakfast and there is me, who don’t. I can’t possibly imagine myself eating bacon and eggs for breakfast. I open my eyes and the first thing that comes into my mind (right after … Read More

Low-Carb Chocolate-Coconut Protein Cups Dessert

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Low-Carb Chocolate-Coconut Cup

In addition to being sweet, there are three features that I especially appreciate when it comes to desserts: they should be easy-to-make, sugar-free and they should include some protein as well. Whenever I go shopping (which is quite a tiresome activity) with an empty belly I can’t resist buying protein bars. My conscience doesn’t bother me that much about these … Read More

Paleo Chocolate-Raspberry Cake Recipe

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Paleo Chocolate-Raspberry Cake

It may sound funny but for a long while I haven’t been able to understand why a sane person would eat avocados. It has no smell and even less taste. My first encounter with it was back in my childhood through the cartoon Itsy Bitsy Spider in which the hero’s favorite treat was avocado ice cream. I only knew so … Read More