Crowd Cow Review: Buy Grass-Fed Meats Online

What is Crowd Cow?

Right now, home delivery food boxes are everywhere, and most are premade meals, designed with someone else’s expectations of quality and taste. While that’s not a bad thing, it might not mesh with your lifestyle. How ethically an animal is raised and where it comes from factors into not only taste but also healthfulness and nutrition. Before you jump into the world of organic beef delivery, however, it’s important to get to know the service.

That’s why I wrote this Crowd Cow review, after all.

Crowd Cow delivers healthy, ethically raised pork, beef, and chicken right to your door. They source from local, organic farmers who process the meat and flash freeze it for maximum flavor. Unlike a subscription box service, with Crowd Cow, you choose from a variety of grass-fed beef, pastured chicken, or farm-raised pork. It doesn’t recur and you are in control of everything you get; no surprises, no wasted deliveries. Everything from whole fryer chickens to organic wagyu is available, depending on your location. All organic, all ethically raised, and most importantly, all delicious. Moreover, if you time your purchase right, you can take advantage of periodic Crowd Cow coupons online!

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What types of meat are available?

Crowd Cow focuses on beef, pork, and chicken of varying cuts and sizes. For instance, a farm near me has beautiful cuts of coulotte steak if I want to treat my family, but they also sell tallow and soup bones. The healthiest soups start with grass-fed soup bone stock, and with Crowd Cow delivery, you can make it yourself. But trust me, if you’re going to buy organic beef online, you need to give a coulotte steak a try at least once; you’ll thank me later.

Most farms also offer welcome boxes, which are mixed cuts and sections of steak that allow you to experience the full range of their products. You can also use these curated collections as meat gift baskets for a truly unique and delicious present.

Though the focus is on beef, depending on your location, you may find many wonderful chicken and pork offerings as well. The farms nearest to me have free-range, organic chickens offered in quarters or whole. If you’ve never had a truly farm-raised, free-range chicken, the flavor is out of this world and will change your mind about every buying from the grocer again.

For pork, heritage breeds are on the rise. These breeds of pig are so drastically different from factory-farmed animals that you might second-guess what you’re eating. Small family farms are raising these pigs in actual pastures, and feeding them with non-GMO grain. This results in richer, more delicious meat that’s a far cry from the bland, mass-produced cuts sold in most stores.

organic grass fed beef

Why choose Crowd Cow over Butcher Box?

If you’ve done any research on curated meat delivery, you’ve probably seen ads for Butcher Box. Both are superb companies, but in the Crowd Cow vs Butcher Box discussion, who wins? Well, this IS a Crowd Cow review, and I genuinely do prefer it, mostly because Crowd Cow allows you to fully curate your own deliveries. There’s no subscription with expensive monthly deliveries to remember to change or opt out of, just you personally choosing the best cuts of meat for your cooking tastes.

Honestly, my favorite part of Crowd Cow vs Butcher Box is that Crowd Cow gives you a synopsis – with pictures (yay!) – of the farms you buy from. It’s not a vague assurance that you’re getting “organic, humanely raised meat”; you literally get to see where your food comes from. They interview the farmers, get the history of the land, and show you the conditions in which the animals are raised. This both supports local, small, family farms and provides you with the best tasting, healthiest meat you’ve probably ever experienced. If you’re like me and you’re used to shopping at the grocery store for EVERYTHING, the difference is INCREDIBLE.

If you want to order from the organic beef delivery market, why not choose the company that shows you where your food comes from? Crowd Cow hooks you up with local farmers, tells their story, and sends you the best of the best they have to offer.

organic grass fed wagyu beef

Why should I give up the grocery store for Crowd Cow?

I personally do as much shopping at the local farmer’s market as possible; everything just tastes better. While the grocery store is more convenient, everything is just bland, and though the farmer’s market helps me get local, fresh veggies and fruit, there’s not a lot of meat producers around. Crowd Cow brings the family farmed, grass-fed beef (or pork, or chicken) to your doorstep.

When you buy meat from your grocery store, chances are that it comes with a much higher price tag than what you’re actually paying out of your purse. When you buy factory-farmed food, you’re getting antibiotics, growth hormones, and the complete lack of flavor that comes from sacrificing taste for rapid weight gain. Most factory farmed animals have had the taste bred out of their meat, but Crowd Cow sources humanely raised, healthy animals from heritage breeds. This ensures no unwanted antibiotics, hormones, or loss of taste.

Ok, this sounds good, but how do I cook the perfect frozen burger?

The first thing I thought about when I started to write a Crowd Cow review was the apprehension my readers might have to cooking frozen meat. I think we all have a concept of frozen meat from fast food chains that tastes like rubber, but Crowd Cow allows you to buy organic beef online that is flash-frozen and shipped within days of production. There is no comparison when you’re talking about grilling frozen burgers from a family farm versus ones that have sat in the freezer of your grocer for six months.

It’s honestly the easiest thing to simply cook the burgers from frozen. Take them out of the freezer and allow them to defrost for about 3 minutes on the counter while you prepare the grill or pan. It’s also a good idea to pop them (in their sealed bags) into a container of lukewarm water. This will make just the surface thaw and allows for more even seasoning adherence. From that point, grill as you normally would – it’s perfectly safe to defrost as part of the cooking process, as long as the heat is even and medium-high.

flame grilled organic steak beef

How to cook a frozen steak

Again, I don’t feel comfortable doing a Crowd Cow review without explaining how to properly cook the meat you’ll be getting. After all, you don’t want to destroy a beautiful organic Wagyu steak!

Crowd Cow Wagyu A5 Steaks Frozen


Same as with the burgers, frozen steak only needs a brief thaw to allow you to season it properly. After that, make sure you get a good sear on a high heat for about 90 seconds a side. Once that’s done, pop it into a 275 degrees-Fahrenheit oven until you get a 125 degree reading on the internal temperature. This will take longer than cooking a thawed steak, but it retains better flavor and still saves all that thawing time.

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Ultimately, choosing Crowd Cow was a great decision for me and my family. It’s healthy, I love cooking with these beautiful cuts of meat, and I even found some great Crowd Cow coupons online just by searching before I ordered!

Treat yourself to the opportunity to cooking with top-quality, healthy, humanely sourced meat with Crowd Cow.

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