Eating Well, Living Well: 50 Paleo Chicken Recipes for Life

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The essential premise behind the Paleolithic diet is that humans during the early years of their history were eating foods, and drinking beverages, that were a natural fit for their bodies. In other words, humans in the Stone Age were thought to be eating what they were supposed to be eating at that juncture in time.

A Healthy Blast from the Past: 50 Marvelous Paleo Recipes

Paleo Chicken Recipes

When contrasted with the typical diet followed by people in the Western world, many researchers and nutrition experts have concluded that the diet is a healthier choice. Specifically, these experts have determined that the diet health through a better body composition and an improved metabolism.

Chicken is a major element of the diet. The reality is that chicken is one of the most versatile sources of protein available today. Moreover, when prepared in a healthy manner, by following paleo culinary customs, it is a very healthy protein selection.

The recipes included here present chicken in all of its magnificent glory. With the recipes, family members will not grumble “chicken again.” Rather, they will eagerly await the later meal offering containing healthy, wholesome chicken as its centerpiece.

1. Bunless Paleo Chicken Blts

Bunless Paleo Chicken Blts

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Beautifully butterflied grilled chicken breasts take on the role of bread in this wholesome, delicious paleo foods inspired take on the traditional bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. True to being a sandwich, this delectable BLT can be eaten by hand or with a knife and fork, depending on circumstances and preference. All ingredients are paleo perfect and nutritious. A recommendation: in addition to switching out bread with grilled chicken breast, substituting fresh spinach leaves for lettuce amps up the flavor and adds more in the way of minerals and vitamins.

2. Harvest Chicken Skillet With Sweet Potatoes Brussels Sprouts And Sautéed Apples

Harvest Chicken Skillet With Sweet Potatoes Brussels Sprouts And Sautéed Apples

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Bountiful harvest is the phrase that must be assigned to this delicious cornucopia of vegetables, fruit and paleo chicken. Although some shy away from skillet dishes, thinking “fried foods,” this entrée is such a nutritious combination of fresh produce and wholesome chicken, the skillet preparation takes nothing from it – and enhances the medley of flavors. Derivations on the theme are possible with different produce combinations depending on taste and time of year. Seasonal selections can readily be incorporated into this one pan dish.

3. Bacon Wrapped Guacamole Stuffed Chicken

Bacon Wrapped Guacamole Stuffed Chicken

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Bacon wrapped guacamole stuffed chicken is a perfect paleo dish for grilling during the summer months. The recipe is flexible in that panfrying or broiling is also suitable to turn out a juicy, delectable chicken entrée. The finished product looks like it is the result of a most complicated culinary process. In fact, savory dish is easy to prepare and involves very few steps that can be completed in a matter of minutes. The entrée freezes well for future meals.

4. Chicken With Bacon Mustard Sauce

Chicken With Bacon Mustard Sauce

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Paleo chicken with bacon mustard sauce dispels the myth that comfort food cannot be part of a healthy eating regimen. This delicious chicken entrée features a creamy mustard with bacon sauce that is not only tasty but enhances the overall tenderness of the poultry. The sauce ensures that each bite is moist. Although the dish looks complicated, it can in fact be ready for cooking in about the minutes. Because of its fantastic taste and attractive presentation, this chicken entrée is well suited for family meals as well as guests.

5. Chili Lime Chicken

Chili Lime Chicken

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This paleo chicken recipe entices more than just the sense of taste in its appealing presentation. This derivation of chili lime chicken is not only delicious to taste but highly aromatic, both while grilling and while eating. In the final analysis, the true experience of eating well involves not only the sense of taste, but that of smell as well. The entrée is citrusy with a nuanced blending of cilantro and garlic, a flavor combination that is both bold and sustaining.

6. Lemon Rosemary Chicken Recipe

Lemon Rosemary Chicken Recipe

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When it comes to paleo chicken recipes, paleo lemon rosemary chicken is a savory, healthy choice. Easy to prepare, this beautiful dish can be made in one skillet – consider a cast iron one for a real traditional flare. The blending of lemon and rosemary renders a bold, delectable flavor. The rich taste is met only by the ease with which this wholesome dish can be prepared, from start to finish in a matter of less than an hour from prep to cooking completion.

7. One Skillet Paleo Mediterranean Chicken

One Skillet Paleo Mediterranean Chicken

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Health conscious individuals are turning with increasing frequency to a Paleolithic diet. This regimen is enhanced when Mediterranean culinary practices appropriately are added into the mix. The one skillet paleo Mediterranean chicken comes complete with diced chicken and plethora of vegetables, produce that can be mixed and matched to taste. Suggested veggies include tomatoes, olives, artichokes and spinach. East to prepare, this entrée can readily be prepared in a matter of minutes and only dirties on pan in the process. The recipe is perfect for meals on the fly or entertaining guests.

8. Cilantro Lime Chicken With Avocado Salsa

Cilantro Lime Chicken With Avocado Salsa

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Packed with a plethora of fresh flavors, paleo cilantro lime chicken is a healthy and easy to make paleo chicken recipe. The chicken is marinated in a lovely combination of zest lime, cumin and fresh cilantro. Once marinated, the chicken can be pan seared or grilled, depending on preference (and time of year). The rich avocado salsa adds a hearty, tasty touch to the dish. The salsa can be added to taste, but is a highly recommend addition to this recipe.

9. Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Recipe 

Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Recipe

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Creamy Sun-dried Tomato Chicken is a paleo chicken selection that is healthy and delectable. The recipe comes complete with the zesty taste of sun-dried tomatoes. Indeed, the recipe calls for the chef to create his or her own sun-dried tomatoes to optimize their flavor – dried in the sun and not in a dehydrator. The recipe calls for canned coconut milk for a smooth, rich taste. Cream or milk can be substituted to taste. The dish is easy to prepare and cooks in the oven.

10. Avocado Caprese Skillet Chicken

Avocado Caprese Skillet Chicken

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A delectable, easy to make paleo chicken dish is paleo avocado Caprese skilled chicken. The Caprese seasoning combination consists of quality tomato, fresh basil, balsamic vinegar and fresh mozzarella. The mozzarella can be eliminated for a strict paleo dish. The fresh ingredients make a diner think the produce was gathered in the garden before preparation. The chicken can be panned seared, baked in the oven or grilled at a medium heat. The avocado is an addition to the Caprese combo that adds a richness to the flavor and a healthy element.

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