50 Low-Carb Dessert Recipes to Drool Over 🍰🍧🍮

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Low-Carb Dessert Recipes
(Last Updated On: 2018-03-29)

Are you thinking about trying out a low-carb diet, but can’t seem to conquer that sweet tooth? With these guilt-free low-carb dessert recipes, you won’t have to! We’ve compiled a list of the most delicious, most delectable, most indulgent, and most diet-friendly desserts out there.

A low-carb diet is a great way to trim fat, improve heart health, and improve your cholesterol levels. Because a large percentage of our daily carbohydrate intake comes from sugars, desserts can be one of the most carb-heavy meals of the day. If you’re looking for ways to cut carbs from your diet, try some of these delicious and easy low-carb dessert recipes and satisfy your sweet tooth without all the extra junk.

50 Desserts So Decadent You’ll Never Believe They’re Low-Carb

Low-Carb Dessert Recipes

1. Protein Snickers Bar

Protein Snickers Bar

Detailed recipe and credit – lowcarblab.com

This healthy version of everyone’s favorite candy bar doubles as pre-workout fuel. With 26g of protein per serving, this tasty snack will keep you feeling full and satisfied. Packed with peanuts and sweetened with dates, this delicious snack offers all the satisfying flavor and texture of a candy bar with none of the guilt! Whip up a batch of these better-than-Snickers bars for your next Halloween party, and scare your guests with how tasty AND healthy low-carb candy can be.

2. Double Chocolate Brownies

Double Chocolate Brownies

Detailed recipe and credit – thisrawsomeveganlife.com

Every chocoholic knows that when that hankering for a brownie starts coming on, nothing else can satisfy your craving. Fortunately, these delightfully sweet yet healthy brownies will do just that! Sweetened with maple syrup and chock-full of nuts, chia seeds, and hemp seeds, these double chocolate brownies pack a major nutrient punch. Plus, they don’t require any baking, so they’re the perfect low-carb treat for anyone trying out a vegan and raw food diet. Who said a raw diet can’t include brownies?

3. Healthy Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

Healthy Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

Detailed recipe and credit – dessertswithbenefits.com

These sugar-free and gluten-free peanut butter cups are to die for! They offer all the satisfying sweetness and richness of a Reeses peanut butter cup, but with none of the added preservatives and none of the carb-heavy sugar. If you’re looking for a no carb dessert with that irresistible combination of chocolate and peanut putter, look no further. These healthy homemade peanut butter cups are delicious and addictive! You may not be able to stop after one…or five.

4. Cranberry Walnut Crumb Bars

Cranberry Walnut Crumb Bars

Detailed recipe and credit – lowcarbmaven.com

Tired of the same old holiday desserts? This holiday season, whip up a batch of these low-carb, gluten-free cranberry walnut crumb bars and mix things up a bit! The shortbread crust is made with almond flour and coconut, so no refined flour or gluten in sight. The hint of nutmeg in the filling gives this healthy holiday dessert a comforting, homey feel. Plus, this versatile low-carb dessert recipe lets you add your favorite healthy toppings to make it your own. You may never go back to boring cranberry sauce again!

5. Gooey Skillet Brownie for Two

Gooey Skillet Brownie for Two

Detailed recipe and credit – sheknows.com

There’s no better way to make your partner fall madly in love with you than to present them with a skillet full of ooey, gooey chocolate brownie to share. Except perhaps a skillet full of ooey, gooey guilt-free brownie to share! This romantic low-carb dessert idea is sure to woo your sweetheart with its rich, chocolatey texture and warm, melty center. Plus, it’s completely gluten free, so it’s friendly to strict dietary needs. What could be more romantic than that?

6. Peanut Butter Pie

Peanut Butter Pie

Detailed recipe and credit – ourlifetastesgood.blogspot.hu

Ever get an irresistible craving for something sweet, only to discover that your pantry is looking a bit sparse? This easy low-carb dessert will be your saving grace on nights when you’re low on ingredients but desperate for a sweet treat. With only four ingredients, this dessert can be whipped up from stuff you probably already have in your kitchen. This creamy, decadent peanut butter pie is as simple as it is satisfying. Plus, it requires no baking! Seriously, could low-carb desserts get any easier?

7. Bourbon Chocolate Truffles

Bourbon Chocolate Truffles

Detailed recipe and credit – ibreatheimhungry.com

What could be better than chocolate, nuts, and liquor? These rich and creamy truffles are made from avocados, giving them a boost of healthy fat without any added sugar. Plus, these delectable treats are rolled in chopped nuts, giving each bite a satisfying crunch. So what’s the downside? You may have to lock them away so your husband doesn’t polish them all off…

8. Mint Chocolate Energy Bites

Mint Chocolate Energy Bites

Detailed recipe and credit – sallysbakingaddiction.com

These tasty little bites will give you a boost of energy without the sugar crash afterward. Made from dried fruit and nuts, these chocolatey, minty energy bites are perfect for popping in your mouth during a hike or a long run. Plus, they’re naturally sweetened by dates, so no need to pile on the extra sugary sweeteners. But don’t be fooled by their healthy ingredients — these chocolatey nuggets of fuel are as rich and satisfying as any dessert you’ll find. Yum!

9. Healthy Single Serving Microwave Coffee Cake

Healthy Single Serving Microwave Coffee Cake

Detailed recipe and credit – dessertswithbenefits.com

Sometimes when the dessert craving hits, you don’t always have the energy to turn your kitchen upside down making a complicated dessert. Plus, waiting for it to bake takes more patience than you might have! Fortunately, this delicious microwave mug cake takes just five minutes to whip up! Made from coconut flour and applesauce, this easy low-carb dessert is simple, tasty, and healthy. You just might want a second one! After all, it only took five minutes…

10. Protein Bar with Pistachios and White Chocolate

Protein Bar with Pistachios and White Chocolate

Detailed recipe and credit – lowcarblab.com

Looking for something to do with that big tub of protein powder besides boring old protein shakes? Check out these tasty and energy-filled white chocolate snacks and mix up your post-workout recovery routine. Each serving packs a whopping 22g of protein, helping your muscles recover and keeping you fuller for longer. Make a big batch instead of buying an expensive protein bar every time you hit the gym, and this tasty treat will keep you and your wallet full and happy! With the crunchy pistachio bits and the creamy white chocolate topping, these little protein bars are seriously addictive.

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