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(Last Updated On: 2018-04-05)

11. Baked Asparagus Fries

Baked Asparagus Fries

Detailed recipe and credit – spoonforkbacon.com

Though these are technically fries instead of chips, they are still an absolutely amazing low carb snack. A low carb breading made from ground almonds is used to give the asparagus a bit of crunch before it is quickly baked in the oven. The fries are a great snack when eaten alone, but they can also be paired with any of the recipes for sun dried tomato dip, roasted garlic dip, and blue cheese dip that are included with the basic low-carb chips recipe.

12. Cinnamon Carrot Chips With Honey Yogurt Dip

Cinnamon Carrot Chips With Honey Yogurt Dip

Detailed recipe and credit – steelehousekitchen.com

Most recipes for carrot chips are used to make a savory snack, but this one is perfect for people with a sweet tooth. The carrots can either be sliced in strips or rounds, depending on your preference. The innovative cooling recipe used in this recipe makes sure that the carrot chips are crunchy without being burnt or overcooked. Since the dip is just made from plain yogurt with a bit of honey, it is sweet without being loaded with calories.

13. Tortilla Chips With Hummus

Tortilla Chips With Hummus

Detailed recipe and credit – clarasmenu.com

The secret to making this recipe low in carbohydrates is to find low carb tortillas, whether you make them yourself or buy them in stores. These low carb chips are not heavily seasoned, so they will work with a variety of chips besides hummus. However, hummus is one of the best low carb dip options, because it is high in protein, iron, and magnesium. To make sure they are perfectly crisp, try not to overlap the chips while baking them.

14. Tomato Chips

Tomato Chips

Detailed recipe and credit – southernplate.com

Using tomatoes to make chips is a rather unusual choice for making low-carb vegetable chips, but this unusual idea actually works out very well. In order to get the perfect texture for chips, you should use a dehydrator to remove the moisture from the tomatoes without overheating them. By starting out with relatively thick slices, this recipe prevents the tomatoes from shriveling up too much, and the basil and sea salt used for flavoring on these chips give them a pleasant, Italian flavor.

15. Butternut Squash Chips

Butternut Squash Chips

Detailed recipe and credit – foodbabbles.com

This recipe pairs the sweet flavor of butternut squash with several tasty herbs, and the squash is cooked at an incredibly low heat to make them extra crunchy. Though dried herbs can be used, fresh herbs will make the chips particularly flavorful. Since this recipe does not use a lot of oil to cook the chips, they are very low in calories, and the lengthy cooling time prevents the butternut squash chips from becoming soggy after they are stored.

16. Baked Beet Chips

Baked Beet Chips

Detailed recipe and credit – acozykitchen.com

Even people who do not typically enjoy beets will love them when they are cooked with this recipe. Store bought low-carb foods for snacking on can be a bit overpriced, but making these beet chips from scratch is extremely easy and helps you to save money. This recipe uses a clever trick to keep the chips from curling up too much as they bake, and using a mix of red beets and golden beets will add extra flavor and color to this chip mix.

17. Gouda Cheese Crisps With Carrots

Gouda Cheese Crisps With Carrots

Detailed recipe and credit – liveeatlearn.com

Cheese crisps can be a great low-carb chips option, but unfortunately, eating plain cheese can quickly cause calories to add up. These low-carb chips are made from a blend of yummy gouda cheese and low calorie carrots. Grating the carrot ensures that it will mix well with the grated cheese. The resulting flavor of combining these two ingredients is nutty, sweet, and just a little salty, so these amazing crisps are certain to be a favorite.

18. Low Carb Chili Doritos

Low Carb Chili Doritos

Detailed recipe and credit – ditchthewheat.com

This recipe mimics the classic taste of spicy Dorito corn chips, but it involves far less carbs. To lower the carb count, almond flour and flax seed are used instead of corn, and mixing the ingredients in a food processor ensures that the dough sticks together firmly. The flavorful spices will keep the chips from being too bland, and for people who love spicy foods, extra chili powder can be added to kick it up a notch.

19. Butter Crackers

Butter Crackers

Detailed recipe and credit – foodimakemysoldier.com

Butter crackers do not sound like they would be healthy, but this recipe actually works well with a low-carb diet. To make these basically carb-free chips, use almond flour for a protein packed and wheat free snack. Rolling the crackers between two pieces of parchment paper will ensure that they are as thin as possible, and a small amount of stevia or raw honey can be added to make the crackers have a pleasant and mildly sweet flavor.

20. Daikon Radish Chips

Daikon Radish Chips

Detailed recipe and credit – floridacoastalcooking.com

Though normal radishes are a common vegetable, many people have never heard of Daikon radish. This Asian vegetable has incredibly high levels of vitamin C and barely any calories, so they are ideal for making low-carb foods. This recipe uses the broiler, so the Daikon radish chips are quickly cooked. In order to cook all of them evenly, make sure that each Daikon radish slice is the same width, and watch them closely to avoid burning them.

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