50 Best Low-Carb and Keto Chicken Recipes

When dinner time comes around, you may always find yourself struggling to decide what to eat. You want something that tastes good (of course) but you also need something that is easy, different from your standard, everyday fare and also low carb. You’re low carb diet certainly throws a wrench into any meal planning! However, it is definitely worth it to reach your dietary goals and live a healthier lifestyle in general.


So, back to our low carb dreams, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a food that you could prepare whenever you are in a rush, that is always low carb and has endless possibilities when it comes to meal prep? Wouldn’t it just be great if such a magical food existed? Well, guess what- it does! And that amazing food is….chicken!

That’s right, “boring” old, standard chicken is the food that you need to have on hand at all times. It checks off all of the boxes that you are looking for and more! And, if you are considering going out and buying some chicken right now, know that chicken also freezes very well. SO grab a bunch of types of chicken, pop the, in the freezer and pull them out anytime you’d like! You really can have chicken on hand ready to go whenever you need! Back to the benefits of chicken though (before you go buy several pounds and stock your freezer for the months ahead), let’s take a look at the wonderful side of chicken that you may have never known existed.

To begin, chicken is a very low carb food. In fact, chicken has practically no carbs at all which means it is ideal for your low carb diet. Besides that, chicken is not only naturally low in carbohydrates (carbs), but it is also high in protein. Protein is essential to your health and also very necessary especially when you are on a low carb diet. Protein is what your body uses to help build and repair your bodily tissues. YOur system also uses protein to balance hormones, make necessary enzymes, repair muscles and skin and also, as many are most familiar with, protein is the building blocks for bones. As you can see, protein is something you just can’t live without!

When you reduce your intake of one food group, the overall importance of others rises. That means when you reduce your carb intake, your body will look for something else to use in order to complete the tasks that carbs use to do. If you say bye to carbs, you need to say hello to more protein. Luckily, chicken helps you cover this ground for sure!

Chicken itself also has many other nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy besides protein. In fact, it is considered to be one of the healthiest meat options out there! To begin, chicken is full of vitamins such as B vitamins, vitamin A and vitamin D. It also has a good amount of essential minerals like iron and phosphorous, two things that are important to a number of things in your body such as helping build bones and maintaining cell structure (you may not necessarily be thinking about things like this often but it is important!).

Another interesting thing that chicken can do for you is act as an antidepressant. That’s right, chicken can cheer you up! Who knew?! Since chicken is an excellent source of the amino acid called tryptophan, it can relax you and increase your serotonin levels to make you feel happy. Every wonder why chicken is considered a comfort food? Well, this is why! It literally can make you feel comfortable after you eat!

Besides the wide array of possibilities cooking chicken has, and it being a good choice for a low carb diet because it is a very high quality protein and it contains the eight essential amino acids a body needs for health. In fact, not many foods can say that they contain all eight amino acids. Two or three, sure. Five or six amino acids? Getting better. All eight in one place? Now that can be hard to find which is why chicken is a true gem!

Eating chicken has also proven to help fight diseases in the body. Since the meat has high levels of selenium (an antioxidant which is thought to have degenerative effects on many diseases), you can eat it knowing that it is helping fight free radicals in your body. Pretty powerful for a “basic” food, don’t you think!

You may have heard many debates about how eating white meats are better for you than red meats especially when it comes to your heart health. These comments are not to be passed over as they are very true. White meat chicken can help regulate and control your cholesterol levels and aid you in your quest for a healthy heart. This is not a claim that any red meats can make. So, if you are concerned about cholesterol (which we all should be!) chicken is the way to go.

One more fun fact you low carb lovers should know when you learn about chicken. Chicken actually takes any carbohydrates in your body and converts them to energy. So, if you happen to have had a lot of carbs one day, follow it with some tasty chicken and you can rest assured that those carbs will be burned off! Geeze, chicken, thanks for helping out with the low carb diet!

As you can see, eating chicken can be so good for you. It contributes to your overall health in so many ways and it is still low carb! So, you know what that means- you should definitely incorporate into your diet in any way possible. So how do you go about doing that? Oh, we can help you there for sure!

Luckily, heart healthy chicken is a great centerpiece to any meal and since it can be prepared in so many ways, the menu options are endless! What exactly makes chicken so versatile? Well, while chicken does have a great, subtle flavor, it is relatively neutral which mean that you can liven it up in so many ways. Think about it, have you ever had plain chicken? CHicken that was just simply steamed, boiled or just bakes on a sheet pan? It doesn’t have much flavor does it. If this is the only kind of chicken you have ever had, you may not be a very big fan of the meat. And who would be? It really isn’t that delicious when it isn’t being paired with other foods or livened up with spices. Plain chicken? No thank you (even though it is low carb….). There has to be a better way to make chicken, right? Afterall, it is one of the most popular meats in the world (if not the most widely found). Well, guess what? Chicken isn’t boring, it is amazing and all you need is the know how to make chicken great.

So what is the best way to make chicken that actually tastes good so that you can take advantage of all the health benefits and begin making amazing meals? To start, you should definitely consider simple spices. What is great is that pretty much any spice you reach for is going to go great on chicken. From Mexican spices to Italian mixes like garlic and basil, a simple spritz of lemon to a coating of spicy chocolate, anything will do! It is incredible how many spice options are out there! You can make a simple chicken breast into an Asian fusion dish or it can be a rich French meal. It is hard to believe that such a versatile food is so good for us and actually fits into your diet.

Also, in case you didn’t already know, almost all spies are also low carb so sprinkling them on isn’t going to affect the nutritional content of your food. Of course, spices do have some nutrients so if you are following other diets besides just low carb, you may need to be a little more wary of what you grab (some spice mixes are high in sodium which you might want to watch for). However, as a general rule, feel free to spice it up anyway you please!

Once you have decided on the type of cuisine you want to make with your chicken and how you want to liven up the standard flavor, it is time to decide what to pair with your chicken. The recipes here will give you such a wider range of side dishes that will complement your chicken and you will probably find more ideas than you can ever make! Again, this is thanks to chickens versatility and ability to take on any flavors that you pair it with.

A great low carb side dish for any chicken is to opt for veggies. Vegetables can also be prepared in hundreds of different ways which means that you can use the same spices on the vegetables as on the chicken, making a whole cohesive meal. From vegetables like a simple steamed broccoli to go with your italian chicken breast or perhaps a ratatouille vegetable mix that can be the side dish for your lemon chicken thighs- the options are once again endless! This low carb chicken is actually starting to sound a little complicated…where to begin! Too many choices! Is that even possible?!

Some side dishes that you may typically see with chicken like pasta or rice will, of course, be off the table but you can easily substitute them for something even better. There are low carb pastas available in the stores (black bean pasta and edamame pasta both bring interesting flavors that go well with chicken) but why not think outside of the box and look for something new and exciting?

With things like paleo bread stuffings, parmesan zucchini fritters, cauliflower rice and butter fried cabbage, you are going to try some interesting sides when you pick one of these low carb chicken recipes. In fact, you may find yourself cooking up these sides even when you’re not having chicken. But, for the sake of sticking to our chicken theme, know that each of these sides (and so many more) are amazing when made with chicken to cook up a complete meal. Now you have your veggies, your chicken and your extra sides- all low carb and all delicious! See, living a low-carb lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring at all.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself that all of this sounds good but it seems like a lot of cooking time. Not all of us have hours and hours to spend cooking and even if you have the time, sometimes you just want to eat as soon as possible! Is it possible to cook healthy chicken meals within time constraints? Absolutely!

Yes, some of these recipes do take a little bit of time to cook but you can save those dishes for special occasions or weekend meals when you have a little extra time to spend in the kitchen. For the times that you need a meal in a hurry, there are plenty of recipes and interesting new chicken dishes that you can try that will excited you and keep to your low carb goals. Let’s recap now- healthy, low carb and interesting- are you starting to be a chicken believer yet? We’re telling you, chicken is almost too good to be true!

In fact, with a quality chicken breast at hand, your diet will be anything but boring! You may even have a hard time picking which recipes to try first.

Chicken is not just a one part food. There is the chicken breast, the thighs, drumsticks, wings and many other smaller parts to a chicken that you may never ever have heard of! So, now it is time to really think about and assess the chicken to make sure you are eating the healthiest parts possible. All the parts of the chicken are low carb but not all are as nutritious as the others. While the white meat of the breast has less fat than the dark meat of thighs and legs, the protein is the same. The nutrient levels are also all the same throughout the chicken, no matter what part you choose. It really comes down to fat levels and that is it! See, that wasn’t so hard to figure out!

All in all, this means that either the white meat or the dark meat is a good option for your low carb diet. It just comes down to your tastes and what your recipe calls for. Of course, if you are also trying to follow a low fat diet, opt for the white meat but, overall, just pick which you like better! Isn’t that nice?

In general, the white meat is also a little more neutral in flavor which is why so many people prefer this cut. White meat can be jazzed up in many ways and the white meat sections, like the chicken breast, also tend to be thicker and meatier options. The dark meat portions of the chicken sometimes require a little more work, have a few more bones and take longer to cook. However, don’t shy away from that dark meat though! It is where a lot of the taste is hiding. After all, don’t you want more flavor when eating low carb? Isn’t more flavor a good thing?

So now that you are a chicken expert, get ready to take a look at some amazing recipes and chicken cooking options. You really are going to be pleasantly surprised. And now you really know how good chicken actually is for you so you will feel even better about eating all of these meals. Heart healthy, flavorful and, once again, low carb- you just can’t go wrong!

All in all, choosing chicken as part of a low carb diet will help you meet your health goals. It will give you the protein that you need for the day and it will also give you some nutrients your body needs such as the eight amino acids. Of course, and maybe most importantly, chicken will give you a whole lot of meal options. So no matter what you are craving, whether is be Mexican foods, thai cuisines or just a quick, light, lemony lunch, there is a chicken dish to satisfy what you need. You will never get bored with so many chicken possibilities!

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Top 50 Chicken Recipes, Low Carb Style

Best Low-Carb Chicken Recipes

1. Paleo Chinese Chicken Salad

Paleo Chinese Chicken Salad

Detailed recipe and credit – lindawagner.net

Perfect for hot summer nights when you don’t want to actually turn on the oven, this low-carb chicken salad is full of flavor and spice. Simply made with an already cooked rotisserie chicken, there is little actual cooking you need to do! This recipe also has a carrot and cabbage base that is accented with flavors of the Orient. Best of all, the dressing really packs a punch. Among other ingredients, spicy chili oil added to sriracha sauce gives this highly seasoned dressing a bang that is a delight to your senses.

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2. Chicken And Peppers In White Sauce

Chicken And Peppers In White Sauce

Detailed recipe and credit – bunnyswarmoven.net

Full of nutrients, the colorful peppers in this low-carb chicken recipe are pleasing to the eye as well as the palette. The sweet red peppers mixed with the more tangy green bell peppers and onions really shine through among the chicken and mild, but flavorful white sauce of this colorful and savory dish. You’re going to want to take a picture of this masterpiece before you bite in! Tender pasta compliments and rounds out this one dish meal that is simple to make yet delicious and satisfying.

3. Super Easy Korean Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Super Easy Korean Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Detailed recipe and credit – littlebroken.com

Traditional Korean barbeque sauce adds loads of flavor to the sliced chicken breast in this healthy version of a wrap. Chicken marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, garlic, sugar, and sesame oil becomes so tasty after a quick pan sauté that it will leave you looking for more. Add some sesame seeds, veggies, and an extra drizzle of the marinade to the lettuce leaf, and you will have a perfectly simple, easy week night dinner to add to your low-carb diet. Wrap everything up in the lettuce for a tasty dish perfect for when you’re on the go.

4. Buffalo Chicken Jalapeno Popper Casserole

Buffalo Chicken Jalapeno Popper Casserole

Detailed recipe and credit – ruled.me

Those who like a spicy meal should get really excited about this Jalapeño chicken popper dish. Jalapeño peppers and red hot Buffalo sauce add a jump kick to the virtually no carb chicken thighs. Plus, the rich and delicious combination of cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and mozzarella cheese spread over the chicken gives the mouth a jubilant flavor blast in every bite. Three cheese for the win! But, of course, the bacon is the piece-de-resistance because, let’s face it, everything tastes better with a mouthful of bacon.

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5. Blackened Chicken With Roasted Garlic Alfredo

Blackened Chicken With Roasted Garlic Alfredo

Detailed recipe and credit – plainchicken.com

Cajun meets Italian in this quick, easy to prepare week night chicken dinner. The chicken is simply prepared by coating it with Cajun seasoning before putting it in the oven to bake. Served on top of bow-tie pasta that has been combined with garlic roasted alfredo sauce and then sprinkled with extra Parmesan cheese, this is one of those low-carb chicken recipes that couples two paradoxical flavors in a one delectable dinner dish. You’re going to have to taste this one to become a true believer in this blend.

6. 5 Min Spicy Asian Chicken Salad Paleo Friendly

5 Min Spicy Asian Chicken Salad Paleo Friendly

Detailed recipe and credit – lindawagner.net

Grab a pair of chopsticks and get ready to eat because this Asian chicken salad will be ready in only five minutes. Featuring shredded kale, cabbage, and carrots as the main base, a store-cooked rotisserie chicken adds a healthy serving of protein to this meal. The Asian flair comes from the “dressing” that is just tossed in with the vegetables. This carb free chicken salad is also gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, Paleo friendly, but full of nutrients and lots of delicious, Oriental flavor. You will shock yourself by how perfect this dish comes out- just like from a restaurant!

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7. Grilled Cilantro Lime Chicken

Grilled Cilantro Lime Chicken

Detailed recipe and credit – simplyrecipes.com

Outdoor grilling is iconic with summertime, and this Southwestern classic is the perfect choice for a tasty meal. Pounding the chicken to an even thickness and marinating it for at least 30 minutes in a combination of lime juice and other ingredients assures that the chicken will remain juicy throughout the grilling. While lime is the predominant flavor, the parsley-like flavor of the cilantro is the ideal complement. This low-carb chicken pairs perfectly with a green salad or other vegetables. This is a dish you definitely need at your next cookout- no need to tell anyone that it is low carb!

8. Chicken And Broccoli Stir

Chicken And Broccoli Stir

Detailed recipe and credit – myfridgefood.com

Forget calling for Chinese food take-out, and stir fry up a batch of this restaurant style Chicken and Broccoli. This beautifully flavored, low calorie chicken dish is reminiscent of a restaurant meal without all the calories. However, you don’t need a culinary degree to whip this dish up. Tender white meat chicken is cut into manageable pieces and quickly stir fried until brown and lightly crispy on the outside. Fresh broccoli is steamed until tender crisp and added to the chicken and the simple, but delicious sauce. This is a one pan meal you will want to make frequently.

9. Skinny Bruschetta Chicken

Skinny Bruschetta Chicken

Detailed recipe and credit – domesticsuperhero.com

Versatile Skinny Bruschetta Chicken can be grilled, baked, or pan fried to suit your needs and tastes at the moment. That is because the main attraction of this meal is really the colorful and appetizing bruschetta topping. This perfect accompaniment to the chicken comes from your garden’s bounties. Diced tomatoes, fresh basil, red onion, and garlic combine with virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar to achieve a burst of flavor that makes this summer meal one of the tastiest low-carb foods around. Serve this as a dinner or as an appetizer- no matter what it’ll be perfect.

10. Coconut Chicken Thai Curry

Coconut Chicken Thai Curry

Detailed recipe and credit – tasteslovely.com

When you are searching for an exotic low-carb chicken recipe, look no further than Coconut Chicken Thai Curry. Even though the flavors may seem exotic, you will find that you can create this meal in under 30 minutes. Full of healthy vegetables such as red bell peppers, zucchini squash, and green onions this meal consists of a variety of textures and colors to whet your appetite. Coconut milk and red curry paste are the keys that meld the flavors of the chicken and vegetables into a sumptuous curry meal.

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11. Shawarma Chicken Bowls With Basil-Lemon Vinaigrette

Shawarma Chicken Bowls With Basil-Lemon Vinaigrette

Detailed recipe and credit – theironyou.com

Shawarma is a Middle-Eastern style of cooking that usually requires the roasting of meats or chickens on a vertical spit. While this low-carb chicken recipe does not require the same cooking method, the results turn out a chicken with a similar Middle-Eastern flair. This chicken is flavored with lemon, garlic, cumin, cloves, curry, and coriander to achieve its spicy essence. Served over greens and topped with a dressing that is over-the-top, this is one salad you will want to eat again and again.

12. One Pan Garlic Ranch Chicken And Veggies

One Pan Garlic Ranch Chicken And Veggies

Detailed recipe and credit – damndelicious.net

One advantage to this meal is that the simple preparation requires only the use of one pan. That means easy prep and easy clean up! Your chicken and vegetables are all arranged on a single baking sheet for ease of later clean up. Best of all, this garlic ranch chicken dish is one of the low-carb chicken recipes that is packed with a variety of flavors and textures. A filling winter meal, the root vegetables satisfy your body’s extra need for vitamins and antioxidants during the colder months. However, don’t let the weather discourage you from making this dish anytime of year!

13. Pf Chang’S Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Pf Chang’S Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Detailed recipe and credit – damndelicious.net

Using ground chicken, this lettuce wrap is a copycat recipe from the popular P.F. Chang’s restaurant. You can make this delicious wrap at home in less than 20 minutes and it will meet or exceed your expectations in taste and ease of preparation. This essentially carb-free chicken dish makes a foolproof lunch or dinner that almost anyone can put together, and it’s even a great option to serve when company comes over. Forget going out to a restaurant for dinner when you can easily make this at home!

14. Chicken, Asparagus And Bacon Skillet

Chicken, Asparagus And Bacon Skillet

Detailed recipe and credit – blogs.mydevstaging.com

Is it better with bacon? Of course it will be. Bacon added to the pan when cooking the chicken adds flavor as well as a complexity to this chicken recipe. The carb-free chicken becomes a Paleo-friendly main meal idea when tender, green asparagus and summer squash are added to the mix. Additionally, the crisp, cooked asparagus and squash add vital nutrients as well as necessary dietary fiber to this lovely chicken entrée for a pleasurable eating experience. A complete meal that will definitely knock your socks off.

15. Slow Cooker Tomato Basil Pulled Chicken

Slow Cooker Tomato Basil Pulled Chicken

Detailed recipe and credit – cupcakesandkalechips.com

Slow cookers are not just for winter stews, but rather perfect for summer meals as they do all of the cooking without heating up your house. Pulled chicken with fresh garden tomatoes and equally fresh basil makes a perfect summertime treat with none of the fuss. Balsamic vinegar and garlic keep the chicken moist and super flavorful while the tomatoes and basil add a fresh, light feel. This is a great way to use any extra tomatoes your garden may producing as well.  Served alongside some fresh or steamed vegetables, this low calorie chicken is a great choice if you have an excess of tomatoes growing in your garden.

16. Chicken, Bacon & Avocado Chopped

Chicken, Bacon & Avocado Chopped

Detailed recipe and credit – gimmesomeoven.com

Chopped salads have become all the rage in the Northeast these days. Maybe it is because all of the ingredients are so easy to mix together when all of them are chopped. Nevertheless, this chopped chicken salad over Romaine Lettuce, bacon, bleu cheese, avocado and tomatoes is a wonderful combination and a great choice for a low-carb diet. With many different items in each forkful, is as colorful as it is zesty and has an endless number of options you can try to switch the meal up. It makes a great lunch or dinner option.

17. Chicken With Mustard Cream Sauce

Chicken With Mustard Cream Sauce

Detailed recipe and credit – letsdishrecipes.com

While yellow mustard is the most popular type of mustard in the United States, this recipe calls for Dijon mustard, which contains white wine in addition to its other ingredients. Dijon mustard lovers will enjoy the creamy mustard sauce that covers the chicken in this savory recipe. Additionally, it is easy to prepare, even as a weeknight dinner. Containing no sugar, mustard is one of the valuable low-carb foods available and a great asset to this dish. All the flavor of this chicken will have you licking your lips.

18. Buffalo Chicken Cobb Salad With Buffalo Deviled Eggs

Buffalo Chicken Cobb Salad With Buffalo Deviled Eggs

Detailed recipe and credit – iowagirleats.com

This classic Cobb Salad has a zesty Buffalo-style twist. The traditional Cobb salad ingredients of Romaine lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, feta cheese, and bacon are still present. The twist comes with spicy Buffalo chicken breasts and the Buffalo devilled eggs- so much buffalo flavor in one dish!. Both add zip and zing to this salad for a lunch or dinner meal that can’t be beat. Add any dressing you desire, but a mixture of ranch and Buffalo sauce is a tasty preference. You’ll never go back to a regular cobb salad again!

19. Bacon Wrapped Guacamole Stuffed Chicken

Bacon Wrapped Guacamole Stuffed Chicken

Detailed recipe and credit – closetcooking.com

Here’s a low-carb chicken entrée that is fancy enough for company, but it is also very easy to prepare. Butterflied chicken breast is filled with rich guacamole, rolled, and wrapped in bacon. The bacon helps keep the guacamole inside as it is grilled or pan seared until the bacon is crispy and delicious. The combined flavors meld into a creamy goodness you will want to make frequently. For an extra special treat, add cheese on top and let it melt into a gooey temptation (this is a must!).

20. Chicken In A Creamy Parmesan And Sundried Tomato Sauce

Chicken In A Creamy Parmesan And Sundried Tomato Sauce

Detailed recipe and credit – closetcooking.com

Everyone loves a dish that is easy to prepare and comes together in one pot. This one fits the bill perfectly as it will take less than 30 minutes to prepare. Also versatile, this low calorie chicken can be served over rice or quinoa, cut up and tossed with pasta, or served by itself with a side of veggies. The sundried tomatoes and parmesan cheese give this entrée a burst of flavor while the heavy cream gives it a richness that is second to none. This doesn’t taste at all like a diet chicken but it is definitely low carb!

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21. Creamy Low-Carb Chicken Breasts, Fennel & Bacon With A Cauliflower And Nutmeg Mash

Creamy Low-Carb Chicken Breasts, Fennel & Bacon With A Cauliflower And Nutmeg Mash

Detailed recipe and credit – whatsforsupper-juno.blogspot.hu

For a very low-carb meal, you can enjoy this fennel chicken with bacon and cauliflower mash. As one of those low-carb chicken recipes that uses bone-in, skin-on chicken breasts, you may find this entrée to be just a little bit different from most. The key to this recipe is to brown the chicken to a perfect golden brown on the outside which will give the entire dish a depth of flavor so intense you will be amazed. The nutmeg in the cauliflower mash pairs it well with the fennel and leeks in the chicken for a well planned duo. The creative mix of flavors is what sets this recipe apart.

22. Lemon Ginger Chicken Thighs

Lemon Ginger Chicken Thighs

Detailed recipe and credit – bhg.com

This is a nearly no carb chicken recipe with a blast of citrus flavor from lemon and ginger. On top of that, it is budget-friendly and so simple to make as it really only has six ingredients plus the chicken. The Oriental hints of this recipe make you feel like you are eating in a restaurant when you really prepared this entrée at home. It pairs well with rice or potatoes for a gluten free delight. It is also easy to clean up as it only requires one pan.

23. Saffron Chicken With Parsley And Lemon

Saffron Chicken With Parsley And Lemon

Detailed recipe and credit – kalynskitchen.com

Though saffron is known as one of the world’s most expensive spices, you only need a small amount to achieve the sweet flavor. Easy to prepare and using only one pot, this dish can be made with chicken breasts or thighs. With its many health benefits, saffron is infused into the sauce that the chicken cooks in, so the low-carb chicken becomes a robust, juicy and luscious treat. The lemon and parsley also add a new level of flavor perfect for the dish. This is an interesting chicken recipe you need to try.

24. Baked Spinach Provolone Chicken Breast

Baked Spinach Provolone Chicken Breast

Detailed recipe and credit – tastefulventure.com

Provolone cheese and spinach stuffed inside of a seasoned chicken breast is a heavenly combination and so very healthy too. The tender, baby spinach leaves are sautéed with garlic for an incredible flavor boost, and the cheese adds a smoky flavor that melts into a gooey temptation. And, if you have never tried to butterfly a chicken breast before, it is a super simple way to make ordinary chicken into something really special. You’ll be  a master at this method in no time! Since it is essentially a carb-free chicken dish, this recipe is perfect for those on diets like Atkins.

25. Low-Carb Chicken Alla Puttanesca

Low-Carb Chicken Alla Puttanesca

Detailed recipe and credit – supergoldenbakes.com

Puttanesca is a sauce typically placed over pasta. Since pasta is not usually part of a low-carb diet, you can substitute courgette/zucchini noodles and add chicken for a complete low-carb meal. With ingredients like tomatoes, garlic, and anchovies, the Puttanesca sauce is rich with amazing flavors. Even if you don’t think you like anchovies, they really give this dish the salty edge it needs to be awesome. And, if you love anchovies, then feel free to add some extra fillets, either whole or chopped, as they are also very low in carbs and add yet another layer to the goodness of this recipe. This fancy dish is perfect for serving at parties as no one will suspect it is low carb!

26. Cheesy Chicken Quinoa Enchilada Meatloaf Muffins

Cheesy Chicken Quinoa Enchilada Meatloaf Muffins

Detailed recipe and credit – ambitiouskitchen.com

Really cute, portion-controlled mini meatloaves, without the meat, are a perfect pairing for a crisp salad or other fresh vegetables. Packed with their own vegetables, quinoa, chicken, and spices, these tasty beauties are full of vitamins, minerals, and protein while also being, low in fat and carbs. Baked in muffin tins, red pepper and onion mix with chili powder, enchilada sauce, and cilantro for a Mexican flair. And, of course, they are topped with melty cheese for an extra special touch.

27. Low Carb Chicken And Broccoli Alfredo

Low Carb Chicken And Broccoli Alfredo

Detailed recipe and credit – daydreamkitchen.com

Creamy, cheesy alfredo sauce tops this chicken and broccoli for an incredible taste sensation. This dish starts with lightly steamed broccoli and tender chicken. The alfredo sauce is made from delicious cream, butter, and fresh parmesan cheese. Mix them together and the decadent delight that results will leave you wanting more. You will not even miss the pasta that is traditionally in these new, low-carb foods. Extra sauce is a great way to substitute the missing pasta.

28. Grilled Stuffed Chicken Italiano Recipe

Grilled Stuffed Chicken Italiano Recipe

Detailed recipe and credit – blommi.com

Chicken stuffed with mozzarella cheese, baby spinach leaves, and roasted red peppers creates a healthy, low-carb chicken dish that your family will love. Requiring no pots or pans and only 4 ingredients plus the chicken, this meal is easy to prepare and easy to clean up. This chicken can be grilled indoors or out, and is basted with low fat Italian dressing to keep it moist but low in fat. This is an entrée you can enjoy while following the Weight Watchers Plan. Fitting in to so many diets, this recipe is a definite win.

29. Texas Chicken Nachos

Texas Chicken Nachos

Detailed recipe and credit – realfoodbydad.com

For a twist on the traditional nacho dish, try this low-carb chicken recipe for Texas Chicken Nachos. The chicken itself replaces any nacho chips, but it is sliced thin and cut into strips for the ultimate finger food. Seasoned with chili powder, cumin, paprika, and cayenne pepper, this spicy chicken will wake up your mouth. Add the sliced jalapenos and some gooey cheddar cheese, and this dish is just about perfect for game day. The nacho chips will never be missed!

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30. Slow Cooker Greek Chicken

Slow Cooker Greek Chicken

Detailed recipe and credit – chef-in-training.com

Greek spices are rubbed into this chicken that can be easily cooked in a slow cooker for a tender and flavorful meal. The slow cooker makes the cooking task simple and it does not heat up the house, making this a perfect summertime meal. It is also fantastic to throw everything in one pot and go! Add some feta cheese and veggies, and you have a great meal with very little effort. This Greek-style, essentially carb free chicken can also be served as a gyro as a great way to serve the leftovers for lunch or another dinner.

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31. Chicken Cordon Bleu Meatballs

Chicken Cordon Bleu Meatballs

Detailed recipe and credit – ibreatheimhungry.com

Are they meatballs or Chicken Cordon Bleu? Well, combine the two recipes and you will have this tasty dish. Ground carb-free chicken with pieces of deli-sliced ham is lightly seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, paprika, and parsley and formed into a ball around a chunk of Swiss cheese. It is then dusted with coconut flour and lightly pan-fried for a golden outer coating. Perfectly delicious plain or with a cold sauce, these meatballs are a special treat you can make any day of the week. This is an incredible twist on two classic that you need to try.

32. Honey Mustard Chicken

Honey Mustard Chicken

Detailed recipe and credit – simplyrecipes.com

This is one of those dishes where you can mix three ingredients, dump them on top of chicken thighs, and bake for 45 minutes. Voila, dinner is done. But yet, it is pretty enough and tasty enough to serve if guests drop over for dinner. The flavors of mustard and honey shine through in this overly simple, low-carb chicken dish. Better yet, it makes its own gravy as it cooks, and you can put it over rice or veggies, depending on how many carbs you want to add to your meal. Either way, it’s a delicious, lazy day chicken dish. perfect for weekdays or even parties!

33. Bacon & Chicken Pinwheels

Bacon & Chicken Pinwheels

Detailed recipe and credit – realhousemoms.com/bacon-chicken-pinwheels

Bacon seems to be everyone’s favorite food these days. While it does contain a good amount of fat, it contains virtually no carbs. Wrap it up in low fat chicken to make pinwheels, and you have a balance of flavor and fat while maintaining this as one of the great low-carb chicken recipes. These pinwheels are then drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with garlic and thyme. They are then grilled for an abundance of scrumptious flavors.

34. Crock Pot Chicken Marsala

Crock Pot Chicken Marsala

Detailed recipe and credit – sugarfreemom.com

Chicken Marsala is an entrée you expect to find on a menu at a fine Italian restaurant. To be able to make it at home, and in a slow cooker no less, is budget friendly and low-carb diet friendly. You’ll never need to go out to a fancy restaurant again! Made with the classic Marsala wine, this chicken basically cooks itself all day and is ready when you come home for dinner. All you have to do is to mix the liquid in the slow cooker with arrowroot to thicken it into gravy, add the mushrooms, and it’s dinnertime.

35. Coriander Chicken Thighs With Miso-Glazed Root Vegetables

Coriander Chicken Thighs With Miso-Glazed Root Vegetables

Detailed recipe and credit – epicurious.com

The root vegetables combined with these low-carb chicken thighs make a satisfying winter meal. The soy sauce and miso paste in this dish give it a definite Oriental panache. The flavors blend well together to form a unified feel while creating a savory cooking aroma that makes you so hungry. And, while it does require some chopping of vegetables, this can be done ahead of time for quick preparation at dinner time.

36. Baked Chicken With Cherry Tomatoes And Garlic

Baked Chicken With Cherry Tomatoes And Garlic

Detailed recipe and credit – simplyrecipes.com

Baked chicken just seems to go with cherry tomatoes in the fall. The markets and/or your garden still have an abundance of the tomatoes that are halved and mixed with balsamic vinegar for this low-carb chicken recipe. The chicken and tomatoes make a flavorful liquid in the baking dish that can be used for dipping crusty bread or reduced to make a delicious sauce. A sauce can then be poured over the chicken or it can be poured over rice or noodles for a side dish.

37. Buffalo Balls

Buffalo Balls

Detailed recipe and credit – ibreatheimhungry.com

Turn the classic meatball into the Buffalo Ball for the perfect game day appetizer. These mini meatballs are made with ground chicken, cream cheese, bleu cheese, celery, and pepper. They are dipped into a spicy, Buffalo sauce for a burst of flavor, and they are good enough to replace the typical, messy chicken wings that are usually popular at sports parties. You won’t be able to get enough of these flavorful bites! They can be served with celery sticks and bleu cheese dressing for an added zing.

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38. Baked Chicken Parmesan

Baked Chicken Parmesan

Detailed recipe and credit – skinnytaste.com

Here is a lightened up version of everyone’s favorite chicken parmesan. While you expect to find this at an Italian restaurant, you will be glad you can make it at home with a lot fewer calories. Simply baking the chicken instead of frying it keeps this a low calorie chicken dish that remains succulent and moist. The addition of marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese give it the absolutely sublime restaurant flavor you are craving. Thank goodness cheese is low carb!

39. Mushroom Asiago Chicken

Mushroom Asiago Chicken

Detailed recipe and credit – bakeatmidnite.com

How about a gourmet meal that you can put on the table in 30 minutes or less? Better yet, this is a healthy, low-carb chicken recipe that is filled with tempting fresh thyme as well as a creamy cheese sauce. Additionally, the mushrooms in this entrée are full of nutrients and are especially good at helping to control blood sugar levels. So, this is a gourmet meal that you can really feel good about eating. This makes a great weekend dish when you deserve a real treat.

40. Spanish Chicken With Chorizo And Potatoes

Spanish Chicken With Chorizo And Potatoes

Detailed recipe and credit – pickyin.blogspot.hu

Spanish chorizo is the key element to giving this chicken dish its special flavor. Made with Spanish smoked paprika, the chorizo is baked along with the chicken and potatoes for a spicy, smoky flavoring that permeates the entire entrée. The baby potatoes are cut in half so that they can absorb all of the wonderful flavors as well. A drizzle of orange juice and the orange zest add just a bit of sweetness to round out this perfectly seasoned, low calorie chicken dish. Sweet and spicy, filling and not to heavy- it is really perfect.

41. Easy Low Carb Grilled Chicken Wrap

Easy Low Carb Grilled Chicken Wrap

Detailed recipe and credit – mom4real.com

Wraps are a great go-to lunch idea for busy people on the run. Pre-cooked chicken and shredded cheese make this wrap super-easy to put together too. Just add some lettuce, crumbled bacon and ranch dressing and your wraps is ready to eat. But, to take it one step further and make the wrap even more scrumptious, add a drizzle of olive oil to a pan and sear the wrap on both sides. This pairs well with a spinach salad for the perfect lunch. Switch up the chicken spices to make this wrap new and exciting everyday.

42. Chicken Enchilada Zucchini Boats

Chicken Enchilada Zucchini Boats

Detailed recipe and credit – cookingclassy.com

Chicken Enchilada Zucchini Boats are a fantastic twist on the classic enchilada entrée. Trade the high carb tortillas for very low carb zucchini and this is one of those low-carb chicken recipes you will crave over and over again. The filling of this enchilada boat depends on spices including the ancho chili powder which gives the sauce a more robust depth of flavor than the regular chili powder, which you will also add. Topped with a cheese blend that is melted in the oven, this recipe will become a new family favorite. This dish also is completely worthy of a picture so snap one for social media before taking a bite!

43. Low Carb Mexican Chicken Soup

Low Carb Mexican Chicken Soup

Detailed recipe and credit – elowcarbfoodlist.org

Soup can really warm you up on cold winter days. And, this Mexican Chicken Soup adds some no carb chicken and vegetables to make the soup into a complete meal. This soup gets its flavor from many spices as well as the vegetables. It becomes a bit creamy with the addition of cream cheese. Topped with sour cream and shredded cheese, it is perfect for lunch or dinner, and it can be served with nacho chips or cheese chips if you need true low carb options.

44. Creamy Sun Dried Tomato + Parmesan Chicken Zoodles

Creamy Sun Dried Tomato + Parmesan Chicken Zoodles

Detailed recipe and credit – cafedelites.com

Sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, and parmesan cheese are infused into a creamy sauce to make this incredible chicken dish. The addition of zucchini “zoodles” makes this dish a great low-carb food that doesn’t taste like it is low in carbs. Zoodles can be formed from a special “zoodle maker” or you can make fettuccini-style ribbons using an ordinary vegetable peeler. Either way, the pan fried chicken added to the zoodles and sauce is a comfort food everyone will enjoy. Zoodles for everyone!

45. Cheesy Chicken Stuffed Peppers

Cheesy Chicken Stuffed Peppers

Detailed recipe and credit – getcreativejuice.com

Use a pepper for an edible bowl in this fantastic Mexican inspired, low-carb food. Couscous, shredded chicken, taco seasoning, and salsa make up the filling for these sweet red peppers. Topped with a Mexican blend of shredded cheeses, this will be a meal that the whole family will really enjoy. Since it includes foods from a variety of different food groups, it will also provide great nutrients and keep you satisfied long after eating which is great when you are on a low carb diet.

46. Roasted Red Pepper, Mozzarella And Basil Stuffed Chicken

Roasted Red Pepper, Mozzarella And Basil Stuffed Chicken

Detailed recipe and credit – barbellsandbellinis.com

If you love mozzarella cheese, then this is a superb dish for you. Butterflied chicken is stuffed with the mozzarella cheese, peppers, and other veggies of your choice, then topped with even more cheeses. The sweet, roasted red peppers give the chicken a distinctive, robust flavor that screams of Italian cuisine. Additional veggies that you can stuff into this chicken include sautéed spinach, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, artichokes, or olives; all of which add their own level of appeal to this almost no carb chicken entrée.

47. Low-Carb Baked Chicken Tenders

Low-Carb Baked Chicken Tenders

Detailed recipe and credit – thechunkychef.com

Here’s one for the kids, and kids-at-heart. There’s just something about a chicken nugget that has “kid” written all over it. These carb free chicken nuggets have absolutely no breading on them. Nope, no bread crumbs, no panko, nada. Instead, they are dredged in a mixture of spices and parmesan cheese and then baked for a golden, crispy coating that even the kids will go for. Add some dipping sauce, veggies, and a green salad and this meal is ready for the table in less than 30 minutes. Baking is also a very healthy way to cook these tenders as opposed to frying.

48. Chicken Paprika With Sour Cream Gravy

Chicken Paprika With Sour Cream Gravy

Detailed recipe and credit – ibreatheimhungry.com

The gravy makes this carb-free chicken the cream of the crop. And, the moist, seasoned chicken is so easy to make with only three ingredients. You simply mix Hungarian paprika, onion powder, and salt together and sprinkle generously on the chicken. The chicken then bakes until done, and the gravy is made by adding sour cream to the pan juices that the chicken creates. Couldn’t be any simpler but the taste is amazing. This one will have you coming back for seconds.

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49. Low Carb Baked Chicken And Cauliflower Rice

Low Carb Baked Chicken And Cauliflower Rice

Detailed recipe and credit – ibreatheimhungry.com

Cauliflower “rice” is the hot replacement for the regular carb loaded rice. With tons of ways to flavor it, this low-carb chicken recipe uses the juice and zest of a lemon as well as olives for a complex, tangy flavor that is also fresh and bright. Baked together in one dish, this chicken is easy enough to make on a weeknight. It can also be customized with different flavors of the seasons such as the use of fresh tomatoes in the summer. Cauliflower is so nutritious that this dish just screams of health food but with a decadent taste.

50. Honey Glazed Chicken Salad

Honey Glazed Chicken Salad

Detailed recipe and credit – foodideasrecipes.com

Honey glazed chicken salad is the perfect summertime lunch or dinner entrée. Pairing the honey glazed chicken with any salad fixings including lettuce, carrots, and tomatoes, you can add sesame seeds, glazed almonds and your own honey mustard dressing for a delight on a hot day. The chicken is easy to cook and reheats well if you make a large batch for future meals. You and your family will enjoy this low-carb chicken meal frequently over the summer months and well int the winter as well!

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Chicken is one of the great versatile, low-carb foods that you can eat every day and never get bored. The ingredients you pair with the chicken and the methods of cooking help make each chicken dish different. When choosing a low carb lifestyle, chicken plays a vital role in many of your meals because it is a carb-free source of lean protein. Eating lean protein helps you to feel full for longer, so it makes a great option for those who are trying to lose weight. It is also a powerful tool for those that are trying to build muscles. Overall, it is a healthy option for a low carb diet that will keep you swimming in meal possibilities.

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