50 Best Low-Carb Bread Recipes

11. The Best Psyllium Flax Bread

The Best Psyllium Flax Bread

Detailed recipe and credit – lowcarbmaven.com

Next up is gluten-free and dairy-free bread with a good springy texture that tastes like sourdough, one of my favorite kinds of bread. Not only does it have a firm, bread-like texture, but this psyllium flax bread cuts well, freezes well and tastes delightful! The bread has a golden brown color with a crust, just like wheat bread. And with the flax meal and psyllium, it packs 7 grams of fiber into just 127 calories a slice.

12. Fancy Grilled Cheese on Coconut Flour Flatbread

Fancy Grilled Cheese on Coconut Flour Flatbread

Detailed recipe and credit – thrive-style.com

For people like me who love cheese, this is a satisfying little recipe. It starts with a nice fluffy, coconut flour batter that’s easy to mix. The batter rises a bit when you let it sit for a minute, then you pour it into a hot buttered pan. The grilled flatbread that results looks similar to pancakes and tastes divine. You add the ingredients to your hot sandwich as you grill the bread, and you can make it in a dairy-free version as well. Some ideas for using this adaptable flat bread are to add avocado, bruschetta or pizza toppings.

13. Fluffy Grain Free Sunflower Bread

Fluffy Grain Free Sunflower Bread

Detailed recipe and credit – ketodietapp.com

This is a seed-bread made with psyllium powder and flax meal. The whole caraway and sunflower seeds give the bread a chewable texture like multi-grain bread. The same as with some other low-carb bread recipes, the psyllium powder helps the bread hold together with a firm consistency that doesn’t crumble when sliced. After baking, you end up with a couple of left-over egg yolks that would be great to use in smoothies, Hollandaise Sauce or a delectable lemon curd for your low-carb diet.

14. Low-Carb Bun for One

Low-Carb Bun for One

Detailed recipe and credit – freerangecookies.com

Something that people tend to miss on a low-carb eating plan is hamburger buns. Lettuce wraps are delicious, but sometimes you just want a bun for your burger. This is a recipe that makes one bun at a time with almond meal and coconut flour. You’ll end up with a bun sturdy enough for a hamburger that’s also gluten-free. All of the ingredients get mixed together at one time, and you can even make it in the microwave!

15. Coconut and Almond Bread

Coconut and Almond Bread

Detailed recipe and credit – divaliciousrecipes.com

Here’s another mix, bake and eat recipe for making low-carb bread that will keep for three or four days in the refrigerator. Between the almond flour, coconut flour and flax seed, this is a nutrient-dense bread product with a high fiber content. It has a whopping 297 calories per slice with six net carbs and ten grams of protein. A meal that includes a slice of this hearty bread will give you the energy to keep going for hours.

16. Sourdough Keto Baguettes

Sourdough Keto Baguettes

Detailed recipe and credit – ketodietapp.com

This bread is similar to the coconut and almond bread, but it’s made with vinegar and buttermilk to give it the sourdough flavor. The bread does fine on the kitchen counter if you’re going to use it up in a couple of days and will stay fresh in the freezer for up to three months. The formula can also be tweaked to make nut-free or psyllium-free buns. These baguettes may be too moist in the original recipe because of the psyllium, but they can be split in half and toasted to dry them.

17. Pesto & Parmesan Bread Sticks

Pesto & Parmesan Bread Sticks

Detailed recipe and credit – divaliciousrecipes.com

This is an easy low-carb bread recipe for making bread sticks to complement any main dish. The psyllium powder in the mixture makes the dough stretchy and more pliable for rolling. Remember, when eating bread that includes psyllium you will need to drink plenty of water to avoid constipation. Psyllium powder is a useful ingredient in bread substitutes, as long as it’s used wisely. Spread the dough with pesto and parmesan cheese right before baking, and in 20 minutes you’ll have golden bread sticks to savor!

18. Golden Flax Seed Bread with Rosemary Sage & Thyme

Golden Flax Seed Bread with Rosemary Sage & Thyme

Detailed recipe and credit – wickedgoodkitchen.com

Did you know that you can actually enjoy croutons as a low-calorie bread treat? This recipe is based on flax seed meal and coconut flour, and it includes the herbs rosemary, sage and thyme. The herbs are used together to give the bread an enticing aroma and a distinctive, delicious flavor. Once the herbed bread has been made and allowed to cool, simply cut it into slices, then cubes, and toast it lightly in the oven. The croutons will keep for a day or two in a tightly sealed plastic baggie, but make sure they are completely cooled before you store them.

19. Oopsie Rolls

Oopsie Rolls

Detailed recipe and credit – healthyrecipesblogs.com

Although these rolls were discovered by mistake, they have ended up being a boon when it comes to low-carb foods. This is a gluten-free and nearly carb-free bread product. Just as you can enjoy healthy hamburger buns, flatbread and croutons, you can also have crepes on a low-carb diet by following this recipe! The batch makes eight Oopsie Rolls, each with less than a gram of carbohydrate. If you add whipped cream and berries, you can make yourself a luscious breakfast with them.

20. Low-Carb Microwave “Bread”

Low-Carb Microwave “Bread”

Detailed recipe and credit – healthyrecipesblogs.com

With many of these recipes, there are tips and tricks to make low-carb and carb-free breads that are as close as possible in appearance and texture to bread that is made from flour. This recipe is not one of them. The greatest gift of this bread is that it is easy and very quick to make and will readily soak up butter and jelly. Simple ingredients are all mixed together at one time for this one serving microwave bread, and it only takes five minutes to make from start to finish.

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