50 Best Low-Carb Chicken Recipes

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Best Low-Carb Chicken Recipes

Chicken is not only low in carbohydrates (carbs), but it is also high in protein and many nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy. Heart healthy chicken is a great centerpiece to any meal and since it can be prepared in so many ways, the menu options are endless. Living a low-carb lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring. Chicken … Read More

50 Best Low-Carb Shrimp Recipes

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Best Low-carb shrimp recipes

Weight loss. Aside from being the perennial goal of roughly half the world’s population at any given time, it’s also a vibrant, thriving segment of the commercial sector (the former, incidentally, is not unrelated to the latter). Of course, with weight loss being such a widely and ardently pursued goal, everyone wants to know the secret of success. There are, … Read More

50 Best Low-Carb Soup Recipes

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Low-Carb Soup Recipe ideas

If you’re starting to feel a bit bored with your low-carb diet, it’s time to mix things up a bit by mixing up some new recipes that include a variety of low-carb foods. Soups are a great way to break out of a rut because they’re so versatile. Have a small bowl alongside your meal or fill up a bill … Read More

50 Best Low-Carb Mexican Recipes

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Best Low-Carb Mexican Recipes

Who doesn’t love a good Mexican food fiesta? The food is as vibrant and flavorful as its country, but let’s face it, it isn’t exactly a dieter’s dream. Mexican food is diverse, with plenty of dishes that can be whipped up and served in no time, as well as such tantalizing flavors and soothing textures that you can’t help but … Read More

50 Best Healthy Low-Carb Chips Recipes

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low-carb chips recipes

When starting a low carbohydrate diet, one of the hardest things to give up is potato and corn chips. The salty, crispy crunchiness of chips makes them an ideal snack, and they are the perfect item for serving with tasty dips like hummus or spinach dip. However, even just one serving of potato chips contains several grams of carbohydrates, and … Read More

50 Best Low-Carb Muffin Recipes

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Best Low-Carb Muffin Recipes

The Muffin is a time-honored breakfast standby. Unfortunately, eating too many carbs puts your body on standby. Too many of the wrong kinds of carbohydrates make you feel sluggish. Bread and sugars are huge contributors to the nasty side of carbohydrates. As too many of us know, the standard muffin is a capital offender when it comes to packing in … Read More

50 Best Low-Carb Fast Food Options (Recipes and Ideas)

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Low-Carb fast food ideas

From pizza and tacos to gyros and buffalo wings, fast food is a tasty treat – and a part of modern life for people on the go. But these restaurant favorites can be nutritional disasters thanks to their high content of fats, carbs and salt, which makes them largely off limits to health conscious dieters hoping to avoid simple carbs … Read More

Beat Your Cravings With These 50 Low-Carb Protein Bar Recipes

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Low-carb protein bar recipes

Protein is essential. It is the base building materials for the human body, as it is responsible for brain development and muscle growth, and is a vital part of a healthy diet. The benefits of protein are many, and consequently, there are many options available to people looking to supplement their diet with more of these valuable macromolecular structures. Everything … Read More

50 Best Low-Carb Lunch Ideas that Will Fill You Up

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Low-Carb lunch ideas

Breakfast often gets a lot of hype as the most important meal of the day, but anyone looking to be healthier shouldn’t discount the importance of lunch. Too many people make poor choices at lunch, picking up high-fat fast food or carb-heavy foods like sub sandwiches. This might give a quick boost of energy, but you’ll soon hit the mid-afternoon … Read More

50 Best Low-Carb Brownies

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Low-Carb Brownies

If you have made the decision to start eating a low-carb diet, congratulations. You have taken a big step towards becoming a healthier you. If you have conducted any research on eating a healthier low-carb diet, you are probably aware that there can be more than a few side effects from switching from high carb meals to low-carb foods. Constipation, … Read More

50 Best Low-Carb Tortillas 🌮

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Best Low-Carb Tortilla Recipes

When going on a diet, especially a low-carb diet, sometimes it’s not even the foods that become easy to miss, it’s the simplicity of things. Whether it’s the feeling of snacking on junk food or the lack of foods you can pack and eat at work or on the go, sometimes it can feel as though it’s simply easier to … Read More

50 Low-Carb Dessert Recipes to Drool Over 🍰🍧🍮

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Low-Carb Dessert Recipes

Are you thinking about trying out a low-carb diet, but can’t seem to conquer that sweet tooth? With these guilt-free low-carb dessert recipes, you won’t have to! We’ve compiled a list of the most delicious, most delectable, most indulgent, and most diet-friendly desserts out there. A low-carb diet is a great way to trim fat, improve heart health, and improve … Read More

50 Best Low-Carb Ice Cream Recipes 🍨💕

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Low-Carb Ice Cream Recipes

Our health. It’s the greatest gift any of us have, yet so few of us treat it with the respect it deserves. The vast majority chooses instead to gorge itself on food that’s undeniably tasty but also undeniably awful for you from a dietary standpoint. As someone once said, man cannot live on cheeseburgers alone. But what if there was … Read More

50 Best Low-Carb Dinners 🍲

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Low Carb Dinner Recipes

Easy low-carb dinner recipes don’t need to come from a fancy meal delivery service. You can find many ideas that are inexpensive and don’t require very many ingredients. In fact, some of the best recipes have only a few ingredients. Low-carb foods can help lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. Even though you might be eating more fat, you’ll notice … Read More

50 Best Low-Carb Pancakes (Recipes and Ideas)

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Low-carb Pancake Recipe Ideas

Love pancakes? Imagine the rounded soft fluffs stacked on top of each other, as many as you’d like and as high as a pancake tower can hold. The chunk of butter slowly melts on top, while the honey or maple syrup drips lusciously at the sides. You can almost smell its delightful tempting aroma. Suddenly, you are reminded of all … Read More

50 Best Low-Carb Pizza Recipes 🍕🍕🍕

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Low-carb pizza recipe ideas

Mmmm…Pizza. Anyone following a low-carb diet or no carb diet knows that just mentioning this tasty concoction is enough to make mouths water. Savory meats, creamy cheeses, delicious vegetables, tangy sauces, and the crusts-ranging from thin and crispy to deep dish, to the ever-popular traditional variety-no matter which style you prefer, pizza has become a favorite food for many. As … Read More

50 Best Low-Carb Smoothie Recipes 🍹🍌🍓

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best low-carb smoothie ideas

Low-carb smoothies are a popular addition to any diet plan. It isn’t just that these healthy drinks are often full of fresh ingredients, they also taste great. With a wide variety of recipes available, even the pickiest eaters can find something that they like. There is truly a smoothie blend for everyone. Health also plays a huge role in which … Read More

50 Best Low-Carb Pasta Recipes that Will Make You Forget about Cheating 🍝

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50 best low-carb pasta recipes

Eating a low-carb diet or no carb diet, while rewarding and healthy, is tough. Sometimes you crave food loaded with carbs and cannot stop thinking about it. The foods you ate before going low-carb haunt you; your body will not take no for an answer. One of the worst offenders is pasta. You do not want to give up your … Read More

50 Low-Carb Snack Ideas You Will Love (Sweet & Salty)

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Low-carb snack ideas for 2016

Low-carb snack foods are great for people who are trying to become more physically fit, as well as those who already have strict fitness regimens, such as runners, athletes in training and people who engage in frequent workouts. In actuality, carb free snacks are good for anyone, particularly when the recipes are so flavorful that whether they are low-carb foods … Read More

50 Best Low-carb Cookies to Keep You Baking All Year 🍪🍪🍪

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Perfect for everything from holiday baking to a treat in your child’s lunch box, these fifty low-carb cookie recipes cover the range of all that is good for you. Even if you don’t eat low-carb foods on a regular basis, these low-carb sweets and snacks will tickle your taste buds. With a mix of flourless, gluten-free, and sugar-free recipes, you’re … Read More

50 Best Low-Carb Cheesecake Recipes 🍰 🎂

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For those who follow a low-carb diet, desserts that are both scrumptious and satisfying can be few and far between—with the exception of low carb cheesecake. This sweet treat consists mainly of low-carb foods—cheese, eggs and cream—and is the ultimate in low carb desserts. The following is list of easy low-carb cheesecake recipes that has you covered on the dessert … Read More

Low-Carb Poppy Seed & Lemon Protein Muffin



There are two types of people: one who hates having breakfast and one who can’t imagine living without it. I obviously fall into the latter category. I open my eyes in the morning and my very first thought is food. Well, maybe the second, right after coffee. Also there are two kinds of breakfast people: the one who prefers bacon … Read More

Low-carb Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart



This might not be the simplest, quickest or even the most fussless dessert I’ve created but I can promise you that it is definitely worth every minute of the effort. This low-carb chocolate salted caramel tart looks supercool, it tastes megadelicious and even I can eat it, along with my fellow calorie-conscious dedicated carb-avoiders. I have to admit that my … Read More

Top 50 Low-Carb Breakfast Recipes to Try 🍳🍴

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Breakfast. The word literally means the act of “breaking the fast” of the night by giving your body the fuel it needs to rev itself up for the day. Unfortunately, many people choose to skip breakfast altogether or will consume something inadequate, such as a cup of coffee or a single bagel. Because it sets the tone for your day, … Read More

Low-Carb Vanilla Clafoutis with Strawberries 🍓



I am by no means a fussy eater especially when it comes to sweets. This may be due to the fact that I rarely give in to such temptations but when I do, it doesn’t matter what I eat as long as it balances my dangerously upset blood sugar level – I even polish off the piece of whitish, slightly … Read More

Protein Bar with Pistachios and White Chocolate



Being one of those unlucky folks who don’t only gain weight easily but is also stricken by having sweet teeth (in fact all 32 of them are sweet), it fills my heart with heavenly joy that whenever I monomaniacally long for something sweet – which happens every… now and again – there is a way. Only a bit of creativity … Read More

Low-Carb Protein Snickers Bar



I never thought that I would ever have anything to do with Snickers again… I can hardly recall its taste, though I do remember wolfing down bar after bar during class trips when I was young, happy and ignorant – especially about calories and carbohydrates, let alone cellulitis. The more these words started to become painful realities in my life … Read More